Friday, October 31, 2008

Total Depravity- Our Sinful Nature................(Paul Washer)

Would you consider yourself to be a good person? Do all people really have a good heart? Is the justice of God right to forgive us or to give us what we deserve? How great is God's love?

Listen to this message and then consider how great God's love is when you realize how evil mankind is and yet, God unleashed His wrath on His own Son to save us. When Christ was on the Cross, it was not the physical suffering that killed Him; It was the wrath of God being poured out on Him. You may ask, "Why so much emphasis on God's wrath and our sinful, wretchedness?" Why not more on God's love and His mercy? Simple... Because in order to fully understand the Gospel and grasp the fullness of how much God loves us, one must first recognize their depravity and the depth of their sinful nature. The world often takes for granted God's love. They acknowledge Him when things go their way. When they are blessed financially or they get a job, new house, have a child or find their soul mate. We think that God loves us because we're good or because somehow we deserve it. When bad things happen, we question Him. "Where is He now?" We can't understand how a loving God would let evil things happen.

The bigger question should be...
How can a loving and just God let us experience even a moment of good?"
For that matter, why is there even ANY good in this sinful, fallen world?

The answer is simple. God's grace. God's mercy. THIS is the heart of the Gospel message. This is why Christ suffered and died for us on the Cross. This is the message that must humble us to our knees in order that we may be saved from our sins. Understanding WHY we must be saved gives a whole new perspective on being Born Again. Understanding that we deserve hell and not heaven causes us to value His love much more. Experiencing God's grace is what will transform us into the image of Christ and move us to live for Him with a passion.

This message by Paul Washer doesn't sugar coat the Gospel. It cuts right to the heart of our sinful condition and why we disparately need a savior. If you've already repented of your sins, trusted in Christ and have made Him Lord of your life, this message is a reminder of how much God loves us. There a isn't 'feel-good' message out there that can compare with knowing that God loves you after listening to this.