Monday, October 6, 2008

One Way: Jesus Christ

"In the end, there can be only One"

In this day and age of acceptance, cultural diversity, tolerance and the postmodern mindset, many people (self-proclaimed Christians included) deny that there can be only one way to Heaven. Since the fall of mankind in the Garden, we have been searching for other ways and rejecting the exclusivity of the Gospel. This Blog is dedicated to sharing Biblical truth in order to share the Gospel as Christ intended it to be. "The Way" is not a man-made religion; It is the way of God. In the Book of Acts, the Way refers to the early Christian church built upon the declaration of Christ in John 14: 6. Everything about Christianity hinges upon this truth.

Jesus made it very clear who He was and how we could get to God. He didn't offer options or leave anything to interpretation according to cultural relevance. He spoke the truth in love and yet, it was offensive to many people then just as it is today. I hope to convey His message through this Blog in ways that will open eyes, soften hearts and encourage others to find Him.

You won't find soft & squishy posts here designed to reach the 'Seeker Sensitive' because according to God's Word, there are none who seek after Him (Romans 3: 10-12).
The Way is not about being 'Purpose Driven'; It's about being Christ-Driven to spread the Gospel of salvation. The emphasis is to reach the lost, not simply spread a 'Social Gospel' that promises happiness or your 'Best Life Now'. I don't have the wisdom of Solomon or the faith of Abraham. I simply have a passion within me to share the truth of the Good News to a lost and dying world.

Christianity is not a complex system of rules or deep theological insights we must discover before we achieve some sort of spiritual awareness. It's about life transformation that starts with recognizing the seriousness of our sinful condition, need for a Saviour and surrendering every area of our lives to God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. God doesn't promise us the Way will be easy (Matthew 7: 13-14) but He has provided everything we will need to persevere and reach Him. In the end, there will be only One Way.

Jesus Christ is that Way.